How To Find An Auto Locksmith


how to find auto locksmith. Locksmith picking door lock to unlock car door.

Find A Professional Auto Locksmith

At some point, everyone will need an auto locksmith. Car locksmiths vary when it comes to skill, training, price, knowledge, and services offered. Some car locksmiths offer car unlocks and nothing else. That’s ok, it’s great to be specialized. Some locksmiths prefer to pick locks versus using a long reach tool. Other car locksmiths can do everything from car unlocking to cutting and programming car keys.

Tips On How To Find a Reputable Auto Locksmith

  • Look for a locksmith in your town. The closer the locksmith is, the cheaper it will be.
  • Look for a licensed locksmith. Licensed locksmiths have undergone background checks for safety.
  • Ask for proof of liability insurance. A business should always have liability insurance to protect all parties.
  • Are they peer reviewed and verified by 1800-Unlocks or Fair Trade Locksmith Directory?

What Do Auto Locksmiths Charge?

That’s a tricky question. Most locksmiths are independently owned, just like us. If you need a quote, call us at 603-626-5663. We specialize in car unlocking and lock picking.

The one thing we can tell you is that you MUST be wary about the $15 service call. Those are bait and traps. Those traps are meant to trick you into thinking that’s the entire price. The price will jump as soon as the locksmith arrives or completes the service. A real locksmith will tell you the whole price up front. That’s what we do. Obviously, we will sound more expensive, but in the end, we are a cheap locksmith when compared to the “scamming locksmiths”